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110 V AC to DC 12 V Converter with Automotive Power Supply Adapter Socket (1Amp / 1000mA) Universal adapter helps convert 110v and 120v AC plugs to DC 12 volts car power adapter socket. ... However, please note that this 120V AC to 12V DC converter only provides enough power for smart phones, MP3 players, GPS systems, cameras and other similar. If you connect the fan to a voltage of 12V, it will draw automatically the correct current at steady state. The back EMF will increase to say, 11.5V, and then if it has one ohm of internal winding resistance, it will draw 0.5 a. V=IR+E I= (V-E)/R= (12-11.5)/1 = 0.5A. Fanstastic!. The article explains a very simple method of acquiring 220V AC from a 12v DC source. The idea utilizes inductor/oscillator based boost topology with the help of the IC 555. We are quite familiar about inverters which convert a DC potential to higher AC potentials at mains levels. However these units involve complex and expensive configurations.